Veronika Hart was raised among the leopards and tea fields of Tanzania on an isolated farm without electricity or indoor plumbing. Wild life roamed the bush and expansive vistas opened out over the Great Rift Valley below. Her everyday life was shaped both by African and European traditions.

            As in her own life, so also in her art: Veronika developed between two worlds. From Germanic heritage and African lore she was suddenly thrust into highly abstract teachings at art school in Europe and later, as an illustrator, into the cutting edge requirements of commercial art in New York. There, she was inducted into the prestigious Society of Illustrators, and later went on to win several prizes at the Art Students League of N.Y., Salmagundi Club, Silvermine Guild Art Center, Catherine Lorilland Wolfe Art Club, N.A.W.A. and other art establishments.

            Despite pressures to conform, Veronika embraced her own unique form of expression: figurative, albeit increasingly surrealistic portrayals of life between worlds. From that mysterious place she set out to explore  parallels and contradictions between human and animal existence, while also celebrating the wonder that is our global heritage.

Veronika, home in Tanzania